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Winter Cup Preview


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Winter Cup Developments

  • Suni Lee is a late entry and wants to get the Jaeger full named after herself! Let’s go!
  • What expectations are fair for Gabby Douglas’s performance here?
  • Omens and Prophecies: What Winter Cup developments might function as a positive omen for gymnasts’ Olympic prospects?
  • What is a good score right now? What numbers should we be looking for at Winter Cup?
  • The new seniors: Who has emerged from the junior ranks that we should keep an eye on

US Olympic Selection Procedures

  • They’re finally out! We discuss some encouraging developments and identify areas of potential controversy in the injury petition rules
  • Someone can (theoretically) petition directly onto the Olympic team. Should that be allowed? And would that ever be used for anyone other than Simone?
  • How might a two-event gymnast be taken into account for Olympic selection?
  • How the open-ended women’s procedures compare to the numerically specific men’s, and how two selection procedures for the exact same thing can be so different

Cairo World Cup

  • The first apparatus qualifier is in the books! We discuss the Heron, a huge result for Emma Malabuyo on floor, the state of New Zealand’s Olympic spots, Nina Derwael’s beam win, and…gasp…is Chuso in trouble?

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