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150: Luke Carson

luke carson looking sexy interview
Northern Irish stud and a man, literally filled with titanium, Luke Carson.





This Week's Interview

Northern Ireland’s Luke Carson has become a symbol of strength and perseverance around the world. A veteran of six World Championships, he was poised to send Ireland to their second-ever Olympics before an injury forced him to water down his routines. He came back from two potentially career-ending injuries to compete again.  Emma Bailey and Luke discussed:

  • You thought his leg was bad, wait until you hear about his birth defect and the awful procedure he must endure every six months! (See example video on the playlist below to fulfill your creepy curiosity)
  • The status of his injury almost one-year after the Commonwealth Games
  • The problems with metal rods and hot tubs
  • Coaching his pommel horse prodigy, Rhys Mcclenaghan and team at Rathgael Gymnastics Club
  • How he proposed to his girlfriend
  • How social media can fuel healthy competition between gymnasts
  • The both frightening and gratifying truth about funding and sponsor relationships
  • The future of gymnastics in Ireland


What: Do your favorite Shannon Miller pose or choreography.

How: Post it on Twitter or Instagram, tag us and use  any of these Steve Nunno quote hashtags: #ItsMillerTime or #InterGalacticChampion or #MillerTimeContest

Deadline: Monday, June 15th

Winner: Gets a copy of Shannon’s book!

shannon miller red leotard 1992 Olympics straddle L sit balance beam
Shannon Miller © Dave Black

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