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152: Four Nations Cup Italy, Russia, Romania and Colombia

Seda Tutkhalyan russia green leotard
Four Nations Cup all-around champion, Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)


In the News

In the news, Jessica, Emma and Bea chat about:

  • The rules for pre-floor routine walk out choreography; our dos and don’ts.
  • Laura Jurica (ROM) has made progress on bars.
  • If there were gymnastics-satyr made of Mustafin’s arms and Shawn Johnson’s power, it would be little Russian power house, Seda Tutkhalyan.
  • The throwback Pozar-esque folk dance floor from new senior Anastasia Dimitrieva (RUS).
  • The triple full from Zarzu (ROM) that looked as easy as a playground cartwheel.
  • An update on training for comeback masters, Catalina Ponor and Dragulescu.
  • Brazilian babies, Rebeca Andrade and Flavia Saraiva put the world on notice at the Flanders International.
  • Nastia got engaged and announced the founding of The Shine Agency, but questions about what Shine will actually do still remain.
  • Douglas Family Gold will air on Oprah’s Oxygen channel later this year, and Emma has many concerns!
  • A listeners discovers that Paul Ruggeri predicted the future of Olympic qualifying on this very show in 2012.
  • Since Bea is Romanian, we got a little pronunciation tutorial–even Nadia would be impressed with.


What: Do your favorite Shannon Miller pose or choreography.

How: Post it on Twitter or Instagram, tag us and use hashtag #MillerTimeContest

Deadline: Monday, June 15th

Winner: Gets a copy of Shannon’s book!

shannon miller red leotard 1992 Olympics straddle L sit balance beam
Shannon Miller © Dave Black


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8 years ago

Melnikova seems to be recovering from a hamstring injury. Hopefully her leaps will be back to normal after she heals!

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