Justice for Bower and Juda; Olympic Preview Part 2

Jul 12, 2021 | GymCastic, Podcast

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos



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US Men’s National Team: A Never-ending Controversy

  • Neither Paul Juda—who earned the US an Olympic +1 spot—nor Olympic alternate Allan Bower were given funded spots on the US national team or invited to the world selection camp. This is bonkers, and Kensley is about to lose it. (Head to the 2-hour mark of this mega-sode for a deep dive into the documentation and USAG’s statements.)

Olympic Preview Part 2

  • This Olympic preview comes with a 2-per-country trigger warning. The content discussed here may be re-traumatizing for those who have experienced 2-per-country or are sensitive to 2-per-country issues. Please take care of yourselves and watch with care. If you need support, please contact the Jordyn Wieber Fan Club at 1-800-Not-Over-It.
    • Brace yourselves: We predict Simone Biles will win the women’s all-around. But who are the next-best contenders for medals?
    • It’s going to be Oksana Chusovitina’s 8th Olympics. Why are people talking about anything else?
    • Why pommel horse is going to be the most exciting final
    • Nina vs. Suni
    • Jessica’s feelings standouts
    • There aren’t enough spots in this beam final
    • Spencer tries to make Jessica choose between Brooklyn Moors and Eythora Thorsdottir
    • Can anyone catch Kohei on high bar?




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Japan's Hatakeda Hitomi withdraws from women's all-around final at gymnastics worlds after suffering spinal injury https://buff.ly/3m0qQco