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118: Pan American Championships and the American Men at US Championships

Marvin Kimble
This week on GymCastic, it’s raining men.


In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Evan, Cordelia Price, and Jessica chat about:

  • The triumphant return of CUBA (WAG 4th place team) and how much we want Yesenia Ferrera and Manrique Larduet to defect too!
  • Marvin “The Hot Mess of Unlimited Potential” Kimble
  • Comparing the US men’s scores at the national championships to the rest of the world (see chart below)
  • How we felt about the US men’s team selection process
  • Pan American Championships: the good, the bad and the injuries (Maggie Nichols, noooo!!!)
  • Yamilet Peña and the tale of the sliding sting mat
  • Marta gives advice to parents and Arthur Zanetti loves to take pictures with Cordelia
  • Sexy Data: How did Pan Am Championship scores compare to P&G Championships for the US women
  • How the performance of the US women at Pan Am’s effected their positions for the world team
  • We lament the loss of thrown back artistry from our beloved, Tomás “Porn Stach” González
  • How Donell Whittenburg stole the show at P&G Championships


chart showing competitiveness of men's gymnastics competition at pan american games compared to euros worlds
How competitive was the men’s competition at the Pan American Championships? This chart shows the top men’s all-around scores for the qualification rounds at each competition. Pan Am’s for men were more competitive than Commonwealths, about equal to Europeans, but not as competitive as Worlds. Compiled by Cordelia Price.


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Jessica Lopez (L to R), Mykayla Skinner and Yesenia Ferrera of Cuba.
Jessica Lopez (L to R), Mykayla Skinner and Yesenia Ferrera of Cuba.

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9 years ago

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been having a really tough couple days due to a cat’s illness and listening to your podcast was a temporary distraction. I know it is “just” a gymnastics podcast but your hardwork is really appreciated.

9 years ago

Props for the terrifying string music when Cordelia Price was discussing USA’s beam problem. When I think about this problem, I now hear that music.

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