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248: London World Cup

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In the news,  Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Investigation:
    • Gag Order lifted
    • Dantzcher claims USA Gymnastics lawyers ‘tried to dig up dirt on her sexual history and past boyfriends‘ after she filed lawsuit claiming the team doctor sexually abused her for years
    • If you aren’t horrified that the judge in the Nassar case hasn’t recused herself, read this
    • Ex-MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s medical license revoked for 3 years
    • Ex-MSU doctor Larry Nassar planned to return to clinic before inquiry ended
    • IndyStar wins top investigative reporting award
    • Head of SafeSport, based in Colorado, seeks to cleanse America’s troubled Olympic movement
    • U.S. Center for SafeSport has a phone line, 720-524-5640
    • By the numbers, the Dr. Larry Nassar case is worse than the Jerry Sandusky and Bill Cosby stories — put together.…
  • The London World Cup
    • Watch routines here.
    • The E Score Beam Controversy
    • Beam Champ, Ana Perez make your connections, win with 13.233 (D:5.300 E:7.933)
    • O’Beirne Code
      • If you have to hang onto the beam with your feet while laying down, it’s a deduction. Exhibit A.
      • If you aren’t compressed into a full pike position, if it looks like a missed toe circle, it should not get credit for a piked stalder. Exhibit B.
    • The Sadness
      • Ellie Downie and Georgia Mae Fenton injured.
      • Liu Jinru hobbling around the arena the entire meet (VT rudi to crunch)
      • Melnikova didn’t do well, so she’ll probably win Euros.
    • Our Favorite Routines
  • Japanse Championships
    • Kohei Uchimura won 10th straight national individual all-around
    • Mai Murakami stuck the *<#&! out of everything on floor.
  • WAG World Rankings by Score
    • FX Mai 14.25
    • BB Eythora 14.85
    • UB Riley 15.05
    • VT Tie Sae and Andrade 15 flatAA Riley McCusker 56.6 (highest is actually Gabby Parea 57.225)


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Aly Raisman follows in the footsteps of greats with tampon endorsement deal but manages to also be a hero and stand up for social justice at the same time. 
  • Aly Raisman expects to keep Mihai Brestyan as coach 
  • Komova might be training again, Russian names Euros team including Paseka!
  • Eight new elements named, added to the MAG Code of Points
    • Should Gymnastics Decathlon be a World or Olympic sport?
    • Responses to USAG’s question about calling law enforcement within 24 hours of suspected crime.
    • A listener called her rep, who had no idea about Feinstein’s bill
    • Tanning Beds will kill you
    • LEGISLATION: Senator Diane Feinstein introduced her bill (S534), read the text of the bill here and her press release here.
    • Call your representative (find them here) to thank or tell them to pass this bill!
    • To support the victims use hashtag #GymJaneDoe


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Linkin Tee
Linkin Tee
7 years ago

I have to respectfully disagree with Jessica. The Olympics has only two sports that exclude a gender and they are rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming which are both female only. I don\’t see feminist complaining about the inequality about that. Those for equality should not take away from others but should ask for things to be added so that they are the equal.

That was my two cents from a guy who has been told to smile by women many of times and no I will not smile for strangers.

7 years ago

I totzlly disagree with the comments about sexism. Gymnastics is one of the only sports in which the women\’s side is more famous than the men\’s. That only happened because gymnastics adapted the sport to men\’s and women\’s particularities. Men are stronger so their gymnastics is more power oriented, women are not that strong but they\’re more flexible. If we were to do what you suggest of putting high bar or rings for women this would make gymnastics follow the same path of other sports, where the men get all the attention and women are seen as the lesser competitors. Vault is the best example of it, the men do much more impressive stuff, and imagine women doing floor like the men. You think what you propose would be less sexist and benefit women but that would only jeopardize the only big sport where women get more attention than men.

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