249: NCAA Championships

Apr 19, 2017 | GymCastic, Podcast



 Spencer,  and Jessica chat about the 2017 NCAA Championships:

  • Semifinal One:
    • Scoring started tight/correct but did it stay that way?
    • Utah gymnast sent a lovey message to apologizes for alleged behavior of their fan
    • OU was shaky, UCLA shook up their lineups and improved
    • Ross made history by becoming the first female gymnast ever to be an Olympic, World and NCAA champion. 
    • Maggie Nichols vs. the beam
    • Fans of the Year Award goes to Iowa!
    • Crack or Correct : Denver’s Karr stuck her 1.5 but didn’t get the score she deserved. 
  • Semifinal Two:
    • Alex McMurtry (FL) wins all-around and stuck her DTY after not doing one for a month.
    • LSU on fire but used all their fuel too early.
    • Save of the Meet Award: Lauren Johnson (Georgia) bars gienger
    • Living Your Best Life Award: Ashley Lambert (NEB) floor and tweet to RuPaul
    • Stick of the Meet: Mollie Korth’s stuck DLO 1/1
  • Event Champions (full results)
    • Jessica loves all the ties, Spencer hate them
    • Should every judge’s score count to eliminate ties?
    • Katie Bailey (Alabama), only gymnast with an event title the last two consecutive years
    • Alex McMurtry only gymnast to get 10 from all 6 judges
  • Team Finals
    • Oklahoma 198.3875 (highest Super Six score ever)
    • LSU 197.7375 
    • Florida 197.7000 
    • UCLA 197.2625
    • Utah 196.5875 
    • Alabama 196.0000
    • Oklahoma: least controversial, most well-deserving team of all time. 
    • Maggie Nichols got a 10 on beam and from at least one judge on every single routine she did.
    • Breaking down what happened to LSU
    • How Dana Duckworth became an international hero with one simple interview.
    • Peng Peng got a 10 on beam. FINALLY!
  • Behind the Scenes Shenanigans
    • The bars weren’t set up correctly for podium training
    • Athletes had a 15 hour day during semifinals day
    • Human Bowling: Florida warm-up 
    • F-yeah we beat Florida video breakdown
    • McKenzie Wofford dropping the trophy
    • St. Louis as a host city
    • Ft. Worth future host city
    • ESPN should buy the rights to every single gymnastics meet world-wide because their coverage was stellar!


Watch European Championships:

  • http://www.clujeurogym2017.ro/en/video/
  • FloGymnastics
  • EuroVisionSport
  • We like the Tunnel Bear VPN to watch geo-restricted content
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