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249: NCAA Championships



 Spencer,  and Jessica chat about the 2017 NCAA Championships:

  • Semifinal One:
    • Scoring started tight/correct but did it stay that way?
    • Utah gymnast sent a lovey message to apologizes for alleged behavior of their fan
    • OU was shaky, UCLA shook up their lineups and improved
    • Ross made history by becoming the first female gymnast ever to be an Olympic, World and NCAA champion. 
    • Maggie Nichols vs. the beam
    • Fans of the Year Award goes to Iowa!
    • Crack or Correct : Denver’s Karr stuck her 1.5 but didn’t get the score she deserved. 
  • Semifinal Two:
    • Alex McMurtry (FL) wins all-around and stuck her DTY after not doing one for a month.
    • LSU on fire but used all their fuel too early.
    • Save of the Meet Award: Lauren Johnson (Georgia) bars gienger
    • Living Your Best Life Award: Ashley Lambert (NEB) floor and tweet to RuPaul
    • Stick of the Meet: Mollie Korth’s stuck DLO 1/1
  • Event Champions (full results)
    • Jessica loves all the ties, Spencer hate them
    • Should every judge’s score count to eliminate ties?
    • Katie Bailey (Alabama), only gymnast with an event title the last two consecutive years
    • Alex McMurtry only gymnast to get 10 from all 6 judges
  • Team Finals
    • Oklahoma 198.3875 (highest Super Six score ever)
    • LSU 197.7375 
    • Florida 197.7000 
    • UCLA 197.2625
    • Utah 196.5875 
    • Alabama 196.0000
    • Oklahoma: least controversial, most well-deserving team of all time. 
    • Maggie Nichols got a 10 on beam and from at least one judge on every single routine she did.
    • Breaking down what happened to LSU
    • How Dana Duckworth became an international hero with one simple interview.
    • Peng Peng got a 10 on beam. FINALLY!
  • Behind the Scenes Shenanigans
    • The bars weren’t set up correctly for podium training
    • Athletes had a 15 hour day during semifinals day
    • Human Bowling: Florida warm-up 
    • F-yeah we beat Florida video breakdown
    • McKenzie Wofford dropping the trophy
    • St. Louis as a host city
    • Ft. Worth future host city
    • ESPN should buy the rights to every single gymnastics meet world-wide because their coverage was stellar!


Watch European Championships:

  • FloGymnastics
  • EuroVisionSport
  • We like the Tunnel Bear VPN to watch geo-restricted content
  • LEGISLATION ALERT: Senator Diane Feinstein introduced her bill to make failing to reporting sexual abuse a crime and creating a 10 year time frame for victims to come forward (S534). Read the text of the bill here and her press release here.
  • Call your representative (find them here) to thank or tell them to pass this bill!
  • To support the victims use hashtag #GymJaneDoe


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7 years ago

You guys… I had the worst headache yesterday (a SATURDAY of all days). It was debilitating- I laid in bed all day in the fetal position. Then after hours of agony, laying on my couch wearing my Gator tshirt under my OU sweatshirt, I snapped out of my self pity and yelled at my husband that I had discovered the problem! I was suffering from NCAA withdrawals 🙁 Then I watched Ashleigh Gnat’s AMANAR, and phew, headache gone. It’s going to be a long, long 9 months.

Angie Franklin
Angie Franklin
7 years ago

I believe Bridget Sloan is the first American female gymnast to win an Olympic Gold Medal, A world All round Gold Medal, The US National Championship and An NCAA All around Title

7 years ago
Reply to  Angie Franklin

Bridget Sloan has an olympic silver, but she does not have an olympic gold medal.

7 years ago
Reply to  Angie Franklin

Bridget Sloan didn\’t have Olympic gold, though – the 2008 team won silver in Beijing.

7 years ago
Reply to  Angie Franklin

Bridget Sloan didn’t win an Olympic gold medal. She won a silver.

7 years ago
Reply to  Angie Franklin

Bridget Sloan won an Olympic silver medal in 2008, not gold. But she was the first world AA champ (and is still the only one) to compete in NCAA.

7 years ago

Can you buy the ABC gymnastics book? If so, where, please? Thank you.

7 years ago

Your coverage of the sex abuse scandal(s) has been fantastic, and I expect a lot of people will benefit from it. I was wondering if you would consider addressing how something like what Nassar was doing could be at all justified as a legitimate medical procedure. What I am interested in is if someone could clarify for us all how a gymnast (or other athlete) and her parents/coaches could assess if the treatment a doctor was proposing to do is near the pelvic area, breasts, buttocks (anything that could be sexual), how can they know it is warranted, it is legitimate? I guess this question comes out of how Nassar was able to justify this for years (partly there is the social aspect of it, the authority and trust which you have addressed and very clearly explained the pattern) but it also seems to be coming out that coaches or other doctors who were semi-aware of what he was doing but found ways to maybe justify it as legitimate and not report it or refuse to see it as sexual and abusive. Are there treatments out there that do involve vaginal penetration and touching of genitalia? Is there a \”grey area\” in that an intervaginal procedure could be beneficial in some situation? (To clarify, I am not interested in justifying Nassar AT ALL, nor do I question his accusers one bit. I more mean this information to be helpful going forward for others with pain who go to doctors for manual treatments — if it could be clear to them how to know if a treatment that could seem weird or uncomfortable is justified — e.g. some people feel shy about having someone touch their butt, but i\’ve pulled a hamstring right below my butt and know that massage in that whole area was warranted and therapeutic and by no means sexual.) Hope this makes sense – bottom line is I think people need more help knowing how to assess whether a doctor\’s treatment falls in line with acceptable medical procedures (in addition to knowing when to speak up, listen to their instincts, and the other cultural changes that need to happen).

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