154: Aly in The Body Issue

Jul 8, 2015 | GymCastic, Podcast

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman body issue

Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman in the 2015 ESPN magazine’s Body issue. Click on the image for her video and interview with ESPN.


In the News

In the news this week, Uncle Tim and Jessica chat about:

  • Aly Raisman’s take on the lack of eating disorders in gymnastics and learning to have muscle pride in ESPN’s Body Issue
  • Raducan asked the Olympic Committee to give her gold back, they said no.
  • International Gymnastics Federation President, Bruno Grandi’s interview on the 2020 Olympic qualification changes:
    • Grandi says gymnastics has a business problem; but is really just a marketing problem?
    • We agree with Grandi most of the time, but when he leans on nostalgia for evidence, we tear his arguments to shreds!
    • Grandi argues that Romania has been hurt by the lack of elegance in the code. He must mean this 1978 routine from Romanian, Emilia Eberle. Famous for the hump the floor choreography.
  • Menstrual Cups for gymnastics. If you have used them for gymnastics, tell us about your experience.
  • How not to flirt with girls at gymnastics
  • Gym Myth Busters:
    • Is difficulty really the strongest predictor of all-around rankings?
    • Do height or weight matter in elite gymnastics?
    • Shawn Johnson promotes self love on The Secret Life of The American Teenager.

Related Links

  • Full Out Movie has an air date! August 9th 4pm after the NFL pre-season game on LA/San Diego television.
  • 2000 Olympic Trials: Special Victims Unit from The Balance Beam Situation
  • Do Height and Weight Matter in Women’s Elite Gymnastics? Uncle Tim has the answer.
  • E-Scores vs. D-Scores: Which is the strongest predictor of all-around rank? Find out here.
  • Sexy Data: Which event is the strongest predictor of all-around rankings?
  • Lauren Mitchell wishes to stress that she has yet to make a decision on her gymnastics future
  • Gymnast Kiera Brown dismissed from the team due to violation of team rules

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