251: Chinese & JO Nationals

May 9, 2017 | GymCastic, Podcast

li qi china beam nationals 2017

Miss Li Qi



In the news, Spencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • Chinese National Championships 2017 (1:40)
    • The floor fell apart
    • Shang Chunsong got a 3 on bars with a scary fall/ invents clear-hip seat drop to back tuck for 0.8 CV
    • Lo Huan gorgeous beam and bars
    • Li Qi (pronounced Lee Chee *squeals*) 6.3 D score (WOAH!) beam with so many missed connections.
      • Adorable gallop to handstand
      • Her floor is ready for NCAA. So. Ah. Mazing.
    • Chen Yile switch ring to catastrophe but is it the future of chinese bars
    • Du Siyu silver on bars
    • Lu Yufei doing a GORGEOUS Fabrichnova 
    • Zou Jingyuan stole the show and got really mad when he wasn’t perfect on the 6.6. D p-bars routine
  • Level 10, Junior Olympic National Championships (26:07)
    • Watch every routines here.
    • Kalyxta Gamiao (Hawaiian Island Twisters) toe-on counter Kim
    • Aleah Finnegan (sister of Sarah) won age group AA/BB
    • Leanne Wong – Basically just won the 2020 US Bars title
    • Lexy Ramler (Minnesota, Kid Sport) toe-on full twisting shaposh to immediate pak;  also highest BB score of competition (aerial + split ring)
    • Ky George (Cal) will be the next NCAA floor star, highest FX score of meet
    • Vault:
      • We explain the JO vault bonus.
      • Kai Rivers (LSU, won the Nastia) – DTY (automatic 80-point Geddert behavior deduction)
      • Haleigh Bryant – handspring pike ½ is Rachel Slocum good
      • Lexi Graber got a 10 for this 1.5


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (41:59):

  • Nikita Nagornyy casually chucking a Tsuk double-double.
  • A gymnastics name pronunciation database!
  • Should Parkour be an Olympic sport and under the FIG?
  • All the college coaching news
  • The US men are actually going to University Games!
  • The Damage I’ve Done” Kristen Maloney
  • Everyone should sing their heart out during their gymnastics dance class like these kids.
  • When you miss prom because you qualified for Nationals, your coaches take you out for dinner in your prom dresses
    • Gender outrage: How is gymnastics gender unequal when rhythmic is only for women!
    • Military academy hazing
    • How to include Nassar news without triggering
    • Stop the glitter trampoline insanity! Wear goggles and a mask!


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