218: Rio Olympic Event Finals Day 2

Aug 15, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast




On Day Two of the Rio Olympic Event Finals: Beam, Rings and Men’s Vault hosts SpencerUncle Tim and Jessica chat about:

  • Full recap of each event final details, scores, and moments we loved from:
    • Balance Beam Final:
      • Sanne Wevers, the 24 year-old DJ Spindarella’d her way the title, Olympic Champion. Smart gymnastics and past teams who stood united against an abusive head coach, created a beautiful system where smart, elegant gymnastics has flourish. 
      • Laurie Hernandez had a higher E score with only a little misstep on her dismount but couldn’t match Sanne’s innovation and big Dutch D. 
      • Simone Biles now eclipses Shannon Miller’s record with yet another Olympic medal on beam.  
      • Grabbing the beam to prevent a fall is a .5 deduction. 
      • Catalina Ponor wore the greatest leotard of all time. 
      • Yes, you can wear a short sleeved leotard and have teammates as coaches on the floor for finals. 
    • Men’sVault Final:
      • Was this the ugliest form we’ve ever seen in an Olympic final or just an example of the problems with the vault code?
      • Ri Se Gwan, Denis Abliazin, Kenzo Shirai medaled , we explain the tie breaking procedure for vault.
      • Marian Dragulescu lost the tie breaker but thankfully wasn’t deducted for doing gymnastics, “practicing” on the podium. 
      • Igor Radivilov will have the handspring triple front named after him and we now hope that no one ever tries that vault again. 
    • Rings:
      • Jessica and Spencer basically fell asleep because it’s the most boring even in the history of gymnastics but Uncle Tim does a good job of trying to make us appreciate it.
  • Our favorite and least favorite not-gymnastics moments:
    • Sanne Wever’s D score notebook
    • Chris Books screams for Simone and Laurie. 
    • Everyone needs to calm down about the US women’s team’s non-gymnastics behavior. It’s sexism.
    • Why is Steve Penny still at the Olympics, sitting with families and chumming it up with athletes when USA Gymnastics accused of this and senators are asking for answers!


  • Full Olympic gymnastics results here 
  • How to watch live on BBC, CBC or NBC (details here)
  • Height, Ages and Repeat U.S. Olympic Gymnasts
  • NBC live streaming coverage is for the FANS! So much better than so-called “primetime” evening coverage. Online NBC also has a daily online gymnastics recap show called the Daily DismountWe are obsessed with how much more enthusiastic, passionate and positive they are than the evening broadcast team. Jim Watson, Courtney Kupets and Jonathan Horton #Jhortney  4eva!

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