213: Rio Men’s Olympic Team Finals

Aug 8, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast




In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer,  and Jessica chat about:

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  • How to watch live on BBC, CBC or NBC (details here).
  • Each team’s performances discussed in depth from elated medalists champions Japan, Russia to defeated suicide squad, China. 
    • Vault judges huge error/cheating 8.7 E score for Chopin. Are they cursed because they switched from Li Ning appare?
    • Great Britan: even if Louis hadn’t fallen on pommel horse it would have been close but they would have lost to China even if he had stayed on. They lost the bronze by 1.37 deficit. Every deduction counts. This wasn’t a single gymnasts fault. 
    • Team USA does the usual Team USA with three major errors. 
    • Team Brazil performed great but didn’t have the scoring potential to medal and seemed defeated after Sasaki’s knee issues after high bar. 
    • Germany did great only .062 lower than their prelims score, even without Toba
    • Ukraine gave us a collective WTF when they failed to compete 3 people on each event, even though they had four team members capable for doing all-around? We discuss their explanation which left us scratching our heads, possible conspiracy and revenge theories. 
  • What won today, a huge D (difficulty score) or a sexy, slick E (execution score)?
    • China had the highest average D score CHN – 6.622 but Olympic Team Champions Japan had the highest average execution scores: JPN: 8.633
  • Worst moment: Al Trautwig tweets about Simone’s biological grandparents who adopted her when she was a toddler,”They may be mom and dad, but they are NOT her parents.”


Round-up of the latest news from Rio includes-

  • Women’s prelims follow up – Gabby vs. Aly, what Mihai and Raisman did right where Gabby and Buckeye faltered.
  • Brazilian gymternet rumors Flavia will be Galieva’d in all-around finals
  • Al Trautwig in trouble with NBC for his anti-adoption comments with a side of veiled racism. Read details here
  • NBC has streaming covering and a daily online gymnastics recap show called the Daily Dismount. We are obsessed with how good they are! Jim Watson, Courtney Kupets and Jonathan Horton #Jhortney  4 eva!

Statement from Oleg Verniaiev re Ukranian gymnastics team not fielding a full team during Team Finals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.18.36 PM

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