216: Rio Women’s All-Around Final

Aug 11, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast




In the news, Australian national team member, Commonwealth Games and World Cup medalistMary-Anne “Mez” Monckton SpencerStefane and Jessica chat about:

  • What won today, a huge D (difficulty score), E (execution score) or both?
  • Full recap of every single gymnast in the final, details, scores, and moments we loved from:
    • Simone and Aimee Boorman, the example of how to do it the right way–healthy, happy, better person not just gymnast, our new Olympic Champion!
    • Why everyone needs a team of Aly Raisman’s in their corner. Kind, fierce, loving, brave and freakin’ NAILS!
    • The Aliya Mustafina-vs.-Shang-Chunsong-for-the-bronze debate may rage on through the ages. Even though D was 1.5 points higher and Mustafa was having major issues on beam.
    • Ellie Black made Canada proud, Wang brought the big D for China, Jessica Lopez hit 4-for-4 in an all-around final! And more details on all the fan favorite finalists.
  • Our favorite not-gymnastics moments–hint, they almost all involve crying except for Spencer, as usual.


Round-up of the latest news from Rio includes:

  • Today’s gymternet news was brought to you by a Club Gym Nerd member who dedicated it to this vault run.  
  • Jeffrey Wammes is the only out gymnast in Rio. Meanwhile, a so-called reporter is outing athletes during the Olympic Games.
  • Feedback from elite judges on our Team Final complaints. Does their explanation make us feel any better about judging standards…? Here is there standard deviation table.

Gymnastics SD table

U.S. Women’s Team domination by the numbers (thank you FIG for this):

  • At the 2012 Olympics, the USA won gold by 5.066 points ahead of Russia
  • At the 2014 World Championships, the USA won gold by 6.194 points ahead of China
  • At the 2015 World Championships, the USA won gold by 5.174 points ahead of China
  • At the 2016 Olympics, the USA won gold by 8.209 points ahead of Russia



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