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215: Rio Men’s Olympic All-Around Final

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In the news,Uncle Tim and Jessica chat about:

  • What won today, a huge D (difficulty score), E (execution score) or both?
  • Full recap of every single team in the final, details, scores, and moments we loved from:
    • King Kohei with the gorgeous form
    • Oleg Verniaev despite everything Ukraine has been through and not having a FLOOR, he wins silver
    • Max Whitlock kicked glandular fever in the nuts! Mono sufferers rejoice!
    • Details on the top gymnast of the day and complete devastation from Jessica over Cuba’s Manrique Larduet and her moment from Andreas Bretschneider!
  • Our favorite not-gymnastics moments from Oleg Stepko’s fire leotard to Kohei’s kind heart to the men having to safety pin up their pants.


Round-up of the latest news from Rio includes:

  • Gabby issues statement about the most ridiculous thing ever.
  • The future of Aliya Mustafina and her former coach, Alexander Alexandrov.
  • International Gymnastics magazine reports that Yuri Van Gelder will try to sue his federation.
  • ONGOING  Reports that USA Gymnastics has repeatedly failed to report abuse cases:
    • “Four U.S. senators wrote a letter to USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny on Friday, expressing “deep concern” about the organization’s handling of sex abuse allegations about coaches” – IndyStar
    • USA Today has an excellent explanation about this issue in the article titled, “Sexual Predators Left Off the Banned List
    • ESPN’s “I was raped by my coacharticle.
      • “When I look back at this, it makes me feel very frustrated by USA Gymnastics. I often think that I could have been saved if its policies were different. It all comes from the leadership down, and unless the leadership stands up and says, “We are not going to tolerate this,” nothing will change*. It needs to say, “Anyone who crosses a toe over the line we’re drawing here is going to be out. You will be banned. We’ll talk to our sister organizations, and you won’t be able to find a loophole and have access to kids. You can’t run a gymnastics camp.”
  • NBC has streaming covering and a daily online gymnastics recap show called the Daily Dismount. We are obsessed with how good they are! Jim Watson, Courtney Kupets and Jonathan Horton #Jhortney  4 eva!


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Yesterday’s winner was :@E_Score_Whore on Twitter wrote: I choose Dominique Moceanu, so she can coach me to greatness in my fav event – inner tube floating.

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7 years ago

You did not speak about KUKSENKOV Nikolai at all 🙁
Im sad

7 years ago

Ugh. The U.S. men did not “give an interview” about wanting to be objectified. That was a quote, from a general media call (Trials, I believe), when asked specifically about IF being objectified bothers them.

They also didn’t “plan” on having the Rio photo go viral. They were in Rio, ended up with a free day and the beach was suggested, but few of them brought swimsuits because, gymnasts and training, but ended up with a free day and bought suits in the hotel gift shop and their only options were banana hammock adjacent. So, they took the selfie in part to make fun of themselves for wearing said revealing suits. USA Gymnastics was actually initially not excited about the picture AT ALL, and then when it went viral, USAG decided to jump on board with the trend and actually began pushing the shirtless/sexy stuff (see: Olympic team intro pic, which I think is what the reporter who asked Sam the question was referring to), which some guys liked and some guys didn’t as much.

The truth is they all want their sport to be more popular, and if this is what it takes to draw people in, they’re willing to do it. Yes, many of them are also proud of their physiques, which they should be, as hard as they work on them, but none of them actually gave an interview specifically about wanting to be objectified, nor did they “intend” to put together a viral beach pic in Rio. Heck, they all mostly train shirtless, so said photos already abounded online just because, so that the Rio photo caught on was more luck and circumstance than anything else. You can’t PLAN on anything going viral.

7 years ago

I really like uncle tim’s laid back approach and how it contrasts Jessica’s shrieking haha, These two alone make for a better podcast than when Stefane the Gabby worshiper comes to poop on Aly

7 years ago
Reply to  hili

I’m dying laughing. Such a frank, but accurate comment!

Shannon Joy
Shannon Joy
7 years ago

The U.S. mens leo to me looked like an eagle. #’Merica

7 years ago

After the olympic coverage is over, could we get a podcast with more clarification on how the US men’s system, training camps, and funding actually works? It does seem that there are some issues with the men and hitting when it counts, but I’m not sure where it comes from.

One thing that did strike me during the Jhortney commentary during mens AA finals is when Horton was admiring Jossimar Calvo’s work ethic and how he sometimes trains 8-9 hours a day. Umm… many of the US women seem to train 8 hours a day 6 days a week, so how much are the men actually training?

I’ve always assumed it was somewhat less because of age –both impact on the body for older men and because the men are at a different place in their lives often with wives, children, and needing to devote time to other money making endeavors such as coaching. This is compared to the younger US women who are teens-early 20s who tend to live at home with their parents with full financial support to train full-time.

But how much is a male US gymnast actually training? What are the Russian or Japanese systems like, how much do they train—full-time?, and does this account for the differences between the US and the top of the podium? Many of the US men come from NCAA; Is it too difficult going from a lighter (I’m assuming) NCAA training schedule to ramping up more hours of training for elite? (I could be off-base on this point, I know almost nothing about mens NCAA).

TLDR: Ultimately, is the training just not intense enough for the US men? Too few hours, too relaxed? What are other countries “doing right”?

7 years ago

Just my personal input. Actually, Deng Shudi is pronounced as thus:
‘Deng’ is not with D like Dung, but with T like Tongue.
‘Shu’ as in Shoe
‘Di’ as in Tee
In Chinese pronunciation known as Pin Yin, a D is pronounced with T, and Z is pronounced with C.
G is pronounced with K.
So Zou Kai is pronounced Cou Khai.
And GuangZou is pronounced KuangCou.
Shudi means little brother’s book. I bet he has an older sibling. His surname doesn’t really have a specific meaning.

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