202: The 2016 Men’s Olympic Trials, Women’s P&G Championships

Jun 28, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast


2016 US Men’s Olympic team. Thanks USAG!



This week, Uncle Tim, Spencer, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

    • Men’s Olympic Trials
      • The Olympic Team: Sam Mikulak,  Chris Brooks, Jake Dalton, Alex Naddour (aka Mr. Hollie Vise), John Orozco.
      • Alternates: Danell Leyva, Donnell Whittenburg, Akash Modi  
      • Strategy (8:47)
      • Nancy Armour vs. John Orozco drama (14:50)
      • Highlights on and off the floor
      • Brooks hugging OTC athlete liaison, Sherry.
    • The skill Uncle Tim’s gymnastics nieces have to learn before they can be in his wedding (23:54)
    • NBC massive errors and generally being jerks (26:18)
      • Putting down Gabby even though she’s exactly on track to be at her best
      • Race, poverty and sexualizing athletes 
    • Women’s P&G Championships
      • Our debate for the Gymnastics Is Hard Award (38:00)
      • Injury list
      • Junior analysis, favor and future super stars (50:00)
      • Senior analysis (59:00)
      • Who qualified to Olympic Trials for the women: Alyssa Baumann; Simone Biles; Christina Desiderio; Gabby Douglas; Brenna Dowell; Rachel Gowey; Laurie Hernandez; Amelia Hundley; Madison Kocian; Ashton Locklear; Maggie Nichols; Aly Raisman; Emily Schild; MyKayla Skinner;  Ragan Smith
      • Quantifying Simon’s awesomeness; she’s improved her senior two day total by 4.550
      • An update on Simone’s floor music lyrics. 
    • The Ranch documentary from NBC (1:31:50)
      • The infamous “Kitchen Scene” where Marta tells Bela off (1:33:17)
    • The F The Score Award : who made us fall in love with gymnastics (1:51:00)
    • Absolute favorite moments from the entire week of gymnastics (1:56:41)


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