219: Rio Olympic Event Finals Day 3, Gala, Houry Behind the Scenes Deets!

Aug 23, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast




Day Three, Rio Olympic Event Finals: Women’s floor, high bar and parallel bars hosts SpencerHoury Gebeshian (27 year-old, first ever female Olympic qualifier for Armenia) and Jessica chat about:

  • Ukraine’s rhythmic group routine to Madonna’s Vogue was epic. (4:30)
  • Spencer recaps The Gala (5:50)
  • Listener Questions (17:00):
    • Are gymnasts in the military?
    • Race in Rio:
      • Why was Gabby Douglas a target of so much hate, and is her Miss American judging move hypocritical? 
      • Is it ok to move forward and forgive Arthur Nory Mariano since he has apologized? 
      • Which federation handled issues of race in an appropriate way?
  • Our favorite and least favorite not-gymnastics moments (13:00)
  • The Gymternet News (33:57):
    • Q&A with Houry about security, flooded rooms, medical care, brazilian fans, and the famous condom machines.
    • Grandi and his big mouth strike again. Gymnastics chief prefers Raisman style to Biles “acrobatics” and China are trapped in a robotic style of training.
    • Ponor went off on Tumblr, but Bea from The Couch Gymnast put it in perspective for us. 
    • NBC’s epic propaganda-filled fluff piece on Bela and Marta Karolyi :
    • #GymUnsafe news
      • Coach Jeff Bateman of California and Oregon sentenced to 25 years
      • Keith Callen, 45 of Pennsylvania will stand trial for charges of sexual assault
      • In the wake of an IndyStar investigation, Kellogg’s, a key USA Gymnastics sponsor, has added its voice to a chorus of state and federal lawmakers seeking assurances that the organization is doing enough to protect young gymnasts from sexual predators
  • Full recap of each event final details, scores, and moments we loved from:
    • Women’s Floor Final (1:02:00):
      • How was the Gymnova floor and carpet for Houry?
      • Simone locked down her place in history with another gold.
      • Aly Raisman vs. Simone Biles execution deductions explained.
    • High Bar Final (1:14:58):
      • Fabian Hambuchen finally won!! Hambiceps hugs for everyone!
      •  Manrique Larduet was a Kerri Strug-esque hero again with his triple twisting double layout!
      • Should inquiry’s now be conducted like they were in wrestling, by throwing plushy toys or like these Mongolian wrestling coaches by furiously stripping.
      • Houry watched Epke’s crash in person. As an A.T.C. and physician’s assistant, we asked her opinion of how his fall and Ellis O’Reilly’s beam crash were handled. (1:24:39)
    • P-Bars Final (1:31:04): The Oleg Vernaieve, Danell Leyva and Belyavsk party where Manrique Larduet was a Kerri Strug-esque hero!
  • Watch “The Gerbeshian” on bars here.




Grand Prize TIED Winners: 

  1. @kayleighrichel – I would want Carly Patterson to coach me to glory so that anytime someone falls, we could both go “oh… that’s too bad.”
  2. @Euphrosyna – I wanna be coached by Nellie Kim, cos if I didn’t make a team, she’d just sort out citizenship for somewhere else.

Both win, props and wardrobe including leotards, team warmups used in the film, one will win the one-of-a-kind Aliya Mustafina, handmade cross-stitch by Spanny Tampson, pictured above.


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Ex-gymnastics coach sentenced to 35 years in prison after grooming, sexually assaulting child in Montgomery County https://buff.ly/3EhmXWW